Tax Rebates & Incentives

We foster a great relationship with many international producers, studios and agencies. They don’t only come here for the landscape but also for the 35% reimbursement offered by the Icelandic Government on production costs. As of June 2022, larger projects can get up 35% reimbursement fulfilling criteria of 30 shooting days in Iceland, a turnover of 350 M ISK, and staff of minimum 50 personnel.

Sagafilm operates a post-production facility which can count for both staff personnel as well as working days for the 35% qualification.

All productions for feature films, TV shows and documentaries in Iceland are eligible for a 25% refund, no matter the total cost of the project, number of crew members or shooting days.

Sagafilm’s staff, with their expert knowledge of the rebate system, will help you every step of the way from filing for the rebate, fulfilling the requirements to finalizing the reports and documents needed to wrap things up.

35% rebate