Fish out of water
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Fish out of water
image movie

Running time: 75 min

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Format: HD

The film revolves around Emma who runs a tiny guesthouse and diner in the middle of nowhere. Emma is a peculiar lady and one can imagine she hides age-old secrets and forbidden knowledge mankind has kept from the world. She doesn’t seem to do anything all day except play solitaire and predict the winning numbers in each and every lottery available. Knutur is her sidekick, a young man she has cared for his whole life. He does all the work and is a pure bred simpleton since he’s never left the guesthouse. Two visitors, Gummi and Gua come to stay at the house but there is more behind their story than meets the eye. Knutur and Gua fall in love and as the story progresses we see their love grow stronger even though they never speak of it. But that journey is a turbulent and stormy one and at the end of the day we wonder if they were ever really in control of their own destiny? Based on a play by Arni Ibsen.