Pretty Fish
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No. of Seasons: 2
Running time: 18×25 min
Genre: Food & Lifestyle
Format: HD

Fagur fiskur (Pretty Fish): A lifestyle program about seafood and how to prepare it. In each of the 6 episodes one type of seafood is introduced, including lobster, shellfish, cod, sushi, salmon, arctic char and so on. We go out and catch some of the ingredients, cook it (or not) and serve. Sveinn Kjartansson is our chef. He is assisted by Aslaug Snorradottir, photographer and food stylist. Together they invite people to a feast, or visit people to offer them a taste. The programs are shot in Icelandic nature, at sea and in the homes of their guests. The show was the highest rated show of the summer season on RUV Icelandic state broadcaster.

Awards: Icelandic Film And Television Academy Awards for “Best Culture and Lifestyle Show”

Aired on RUV (Iceland).

Distributed by Off the Fence.

Winning award