Through our Eyes
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No. of series: 5
Running time: 30×28 min
Genre: Factual

Through Our Eyes is the first of its kind in Iceland. In the show people with intellectual disabilities get the opportunity of producing a television program for public broadcasting. The show covers the vision of people with disabilities on different social subjects. The hosts explore society in its moment and describe how they perceive it. In the production the hosts are given the opportunity to produce their own program, guided and supported by experienced professionals. The goal is to give a real and honest description of the society, and in order to do that it is important to let different views to be seen. TV – still the strongest media – should be open for all voices to be heard, for all people to being able to share their hopes, beliefs, opinions and passion, regardless of disabilities or obstacles of any sort.

The series were shown on RÚV; The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, and it is safe to say that they attracted a lot of attention and have encouraged discussion in different groups of the society. Through Our Eyes has won several awards, including “The Inspiration Award” from The Organisation of Disabled in Iceland and “The Social Award” of Iceland’s largest newspaper, Fréttabla›i›. The show has also been nominated three times for The Icelandic Film & TV awards, Eddan.