The Entrepreneurs
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No. of series: 1
Status: Released 2015
Running time: 7×45 min & 1×70 min
Genre: Docu-Reality

The Entrepreneurs is a fresh and entertaining series where entrepreneurs and idealists from all ages and backgrounds go on an exciting journey to make their ideas come true. The show follows eight teams who will develop their ideas in a creative and supportive environment, eventually seeing their product come to fruition.

With the help of experts, the teams will then have six months to develop their ideas into products. During this time there will be four weeks of shooting, wherein our teams will have to face new motives, challenges and tasks such as marketing, financing, product development and developing useful skills in the pacey landscape of innovation – all designed to push the teams to face all aspects of being an entrepreneur, packing in years of experience in just a few months.

Then, during the live finale the people at home will get a chance to vote for their favorite team online and via text message to determine which team had the most success and deserves the title of The Entrepreneurs.