Harpa Concert Hall
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Harpa Concert Hall
image movie

Running time: 70/52 min
Genre: Documentary/Design/Music

Harpa Concert Hall: In July 2007, Sagafilm started documenting the construction of the Icelandic National Concert and Conference Centre on behalf of Portus Group. The aim was to document thoroughly the rise of the building and the dramatic changes in the east harbor of Reykjavik City centre highlight the effects the
Concert Hall will have in the cultural life of Icelanders. The meltdown of the Icelandic economy in October 2008 features heavily (and unexpectedly) in the documentary as after the crash the whole project was put on hold. Many saw the vast building site as an iconic reminder of everything that went wrong in Icelandic society leading up to the crash. Renowned artist Olafur Eliasson, along with Henning Larsen and Batteríid Architects designed the iconic glass facade, predicted to place HARPA amongst the iconic concert halls of the world.