The Night Shift
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The Night Shift
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Status: Released 2007

Running time: 12×30 min

Genre: Comedy/Drama

The series takes place during night shifts at a quiet gas station in Reykjavik. The station manager, Georg Bjarnfredarsson, is an archetypical, over-educated communist, holding an impressive five University degrees, grabbing every chance to emphasize this fact. He lives by a strict set of rules of his own invention, mostly involving weird dietary regulations and anti- capitalist propaganda. The fact that a man of his qualifications is working at a gas station has instilled an inordinate amount of bitterness in him. His underling is Olafur Ragnar; A man-child, lost in his dreams of being a manager for a successful band, constantly chasing down anything that glitters and emulating faux pop culture coolness. Into this environment comes Daniel, a medical school dropout who is slowly severing all ties with his family. In an off kilter way The Nightshift deals with a hotbed of social issues, ranging from immigration and politics to women’s rights and fame through characters sprinting down a path of self destruction.

Awards: 2 Icelandic Film and Television Awards for “Best TV series” and “Most popular TV show”.

Aired on Channel 2 (Iceland), YLE (Finland), BBC4 (UK) and Remake TV2 (Norway).

In development as a remake: USA, UK, Germany,Sweden and France.

Winning award
Winning award